Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla

Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla

Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla

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تطبيقات رمضانية # 2

Menerima Pesanan Jadwal Imsakiyah Ramadhan Digital

Imsakiyah Widget for Android

Jadwal Sholat - Prayer Times is an app that will show you the muslim daily pray schedule based on user location. Some app features:
1. Prayer schedule calculation using selected calculation method. The app will try detect the best method for you, but you can always change it later.
2. Various pray notification choices. You can choice using alarm Azaan or just using standard notification to be reminded of pray time.
3. Countdown to next prayer time with appropriate colors to show how close you are to next pray time.
4. Qibla compass to show direction where kaaba (mecca).

- Bug fixing and optimization
- Compatibility with Android 6.0 Marshmallow